Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some New Pictures

I've been working on some Americana and Fall/Halloween designs for a shop here in Virginia, the Witch Hanger pictured above is one of the pieces I finished this week. Fogive my picture quality, I had to take it inside because we have had very cloudy, rainy weather today. I'll be finishing up the sewing for Mary's shop this week and possibly I can get something finished for Ebay or my Etsy shop.
Simply Primitives updated this past week, I won't be listing on there again until probably September. We have a large garden and I'll be busy canning and freezing, so I just decided to take a few months off from one of my commitments.
As I said, it has poured rain here today at times, but my pink rose planted at my sundial was so pretty that I caught a break in the rain and got these pictures.

When I was coming back in I got this picture of Gypsy, she spent her Sunday sleeping on the porch,(between our walks). But she always looks to me for a little treat, you see I carry small treats for her in my pocket and when we're walking she stops several times to beg for a little something. I know I shouldn't but who can resist those eyes, I know I can't! At the age of 12, Gypsy is a perfect weight, so I feel okay giving her a few of these healthy little treats. When I came back on the porch from my picture taking she snapped to attention and got her reward!

Hopefully later in this upcoming week I'll be back to post a picture of something new. Til then enjoy your week~Diane


fiddlestixstudios said...

I LOVE your witch!She is so adorable!We have a large garden too,and we are so determined to do better about canning things this year.I might have to email you for pointers on canning!I normally freeze alot of our crop,but we really want to can more,this year.
Gypsy looks so sweet!

Dogpatch Primitives said...

awww, your sweet Gypsy is as precious as the day is long Diane!

Doreen said...

Gypsy is just adorable. Love your new piece!

We were having those rainy and dreary days for over a week..but we've finally started having some good weather will be in the 80's!

Have a great week

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

OH I LOVE Gypsy! What a pretty girl she is. She is the same age as my Goldie.
I love all your work Diane !

Anonymous said...