Saturday, January 30, 2010


The week before Christmas we received alot of snow, today it's happened again. We've gotten about 10 or 12 inches this time. I took these two pictures from my porch this afternoon. One shows an old metal lawn chair and the other shows one of my bird feeders.

We managed to clear a couple of places to feed the birds and I also put a couple of trays of bird seed on the porch. Wrens, cardinals, bluejays, chickadees and even a red-headed woodpecker have been on the porch today eating. I also put an old pan with water out for them.

It's dark now and the snow has all but quit. Tomorrow the sun will be out and hopefully start melting some of this although it's supposed to stay quite cold.

The last picture is a Bunny head on a rusty metal cone/carrot. I'll be offering two of these on TDIPT Mercantile starting tomorrow night. They measure about 15 inches tall. I had hoped to finish one other thing for the Mercantile but I probably won't get to. If I don't, when I do finish it I'll list it on Ebay.

I'm heading to take a warm bath, hope you all have a warm and cozy night.


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Doreen said...

A snow storm and a warm bath...what could be better!!! :)

Love your bunny head in the carrot/'s wonderful.

Wishing you a fantastic day,