Friday, March 26, 2010

~something new coming soon~

I finally finished some orders and have almost finished a rabbit for Ebay. I'm hoping to list it either tomorrow night (for a 5-day auction) or Sunday night (for a 7-day auction), not sure yet which it will be.
TDIPT Mercantile will update this coming Wednesday evening and I need to get ready for that also.

Then my next project will hopefully be getting several things listed on my selling blog. It's been a very long time since I listed anything on there but hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

Finally, for those that love primitives and enjoy reading about the artists' who create them be sure to check out the new Stampington magazine "PRIMS". You can order a copy online by clicking the picture of the cover to the right. I know it will also be available in Barnes and Noble stores. Alot of wonderful designers, including several TDIPT artists, will be featured in this premiere issue. It will only come out twice a year, April and November. So be sure to grab yourself a copy, it promises to be one of those you'll want to hang onto.

Check back tomorrow or Sunday evening, I'll be posting a picture of my latest rabbit.

til then.....


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