Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~cradle rolls~

I wanted to show you these Cradle Roll Certificates that date to 1930 and 31. The first is my Mom's who was born January 11, 1931. She was added to the Cradle Roll of Mt. Zion Baptist Church on January 18 of '31. The certificate has beautiful, soft pastels of pinks, greens and yellows. It features a branch of flowers, an oval picture of a Mother and her baby and a border of yellow. It's signed by the Cradle Roll Superintendent, Mrs. A.J. Bryant and the Sunday School Superintendent, Hugh Hiter.

The second picture is my Dad's Cradle Roll Certificate, same church but a year earlier. He was born January 14, 1930 and his is dated January 21 of '30. This certificate has much more vibrant colors, reds, blues. greens and golds. There are garlands, flower borders and emblems and a picture of Jesus surrounded by children. My Dad's certificate is also signed by Mrs. Bryant and Mr. Hiter.
Both of these were given to me after my Grandmothers passed away. They were kept in with other papers and things which has kept the colors unfaded through the years. One of my brothers made the matching frames for these using old poplar boards and I have them hanging in my living room. I love them and am so glad to have the pair of them.

This is a picture of the church, Mt. Zion Baptist. It was founded in 1836 and the part you see in the picture was built in 1856. There are newer additions on the back. Buried in the cemetery are both sets of my grandparents, 3 sets of great-grandparents, numerous Aunts and Uncles and my Mom who passed away in 2003. Today I live within sight of the church and everyday one of my walks with my dog is around the church.

Generations, all linked through the years to a single little country church...births, baptismals, marriages, homecomings and a final resting place.



anniebeez said...

How interesting Diane! But what is a cradle roll?

Tallowberry Primitives said...

Annie, the cradle roll was simply the list of new babies in the nursery of the church and these certificates were given to the parents. It didn't necessarily mean the baby would grown up to become a member of the Church. That was a decision the child made his or her self, usually around the age of 13 or so. Then they would be baptised and become a member of the Church. I don't know if I'm explaining this exactly as it should be but I hope this helps you.
I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Dogpatch Primitives said...

These are beautiful and fascinating. I have a cradle roll, but it's just a simple piece of paper, in black and white, nothing frame worthy as those you've shared w/ us.