Sunday, January 23, 2011

~Signs of Spring???~

I know it's way too soon but do you ever find yourself, in this cold first month of the year, starting to look for that first sign, any sign at all, of Spring? I find myself walking by my flower beds everyday looking for the blades of daffodils pushing their way up through the frozen ground. When I see them it gives me hope that Spring is finally around the corner.

As I was making this Bunny thoughts of Spring kept popping into my head. Afterall, what says Spring more than bunnies or the birds starting to look for twigs, string and other soft fluffy things to build and line their nests with? So this sweet bunny, dressed in blues and creams with vintage buttons and carrying a small clay flower pot filled with grass and three blue eggs, was brought to life.

I hope she gives you hope that the warmer, softer days of Spring are on the not too distant horizon.


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