Monday, July 25, 2011

The Garden & Ebay~

~Hallow's Eve Moon~

In my gardening frenzy I've managed to complete this Moon Cupboard doll.

I spent a good portion of my weekend picking, shelling and freezing blackeyed peas, canning tomatoes and today finishing 8 pints of pickle.
I'm hoping now things will slow down a bit and that I'll mostly be just canning tomatoes. It's alot of work in a short period of time but it gives me a good feeling when I see my pantry and freezer shelves filling with pints and quarts of vegetables.

We're supposed to get a slight reprieve from the extremely hot, humid weather for a couple of days. I welcome it! I'm not a hot weather lover, give me the cool, crisp days of fall and then I'm very happy.

Hoping your weather will be cooler...



Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Dear blog friend,
I am trying to put together a bloggers board.
This board would contain the name of the blog, the first name of the author ( last name, if you allow ) and birthday-- month and day only.
Once I get this put together, I will email to all participants.
If you know of others who would like to be listed, please give them my email address so I can add them.
I just think it would be handy to know when our friends birthdays are so we can send them our best wishes.
Those of you who have not yet sent me your address, please do. These will not be part of the blog board, but for my own personal address book. I like to send cards now and then.

Hanni said...

What a wonderful doll!