Thursday, March 22, 2012


Happy Spring to all of you. This year there isn't alot of difference between late Winter weather and early Spring weather here. Our temperatures seemed to have settled into the 80's already. My Spring flowers have not lasted long at all, just here momentarily and then quickly gone. My daffodils were beautiful but just didn't last long.

I've been sewing, I'm trying to finish some orders I had. I'm hoping to have another rabbit for Ebay soon. My Dad came home from the nursing center he was in for therapy and now several days a week I have a nurse and a therapist here checking on him and giving him his therapy. He is doing so much better I'm happy to say. He still has blurry vision in one eye due to the infection affecting a nerve back of the eye. The neuro opthamologist is waiting, hoping nature will correct the problem. In July he'll check his vision again and see if things have improved.

So even though I don't post here often, I'm still working away on my sewing. I'll post a picture here in a few days of my newest bunny. Til then, enjoy the warm Spring weather.


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