Sunday, August 5, 2012

~This & That~

It's been a busy week, of course they all seem to be. I'm working on a doll for Ebay. She's going to be a bit more primitive than I've been making. I love the detail of folk art/whimsical style dolls but sometimes I just want to go back to the more simple, primitive style doll. Anyway, hope you'll like her. I'll post a picture here in a day or so when she's finished.

I'm also working to complete two special orders. Hoping that will be done this week.

It's still so hot and humid here but if you look closely you can see small signs that summer is winding down. A yellow leaf here, flowers going to seed, busy little squirrels and shorter days. Granted, sometimes I think I'm seeing what I want to see. I do remember my Grandmother saying that if you payed attention, by mid-August you could see the transition begin. I think many people will be happy to see Fall this year, I know I'm one of them!

Look for a doll update coming soon.


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JOMOblog said...

Love Ravens and Crows! Thank you for posting.