Thursday, July 23, 2009

Squash, Tomatoes, Pickles and Blackberries...oh my!!!

This week I've been freezing, cooking and giving away more squash! I've never seen anything produce like they are doing this year. Tomorrow or Saturday I will be draining the brine from the pickle, washing it and starting 3 days of alum water to crisp them up. The tomatoes are really starting to ripen now, I have several big bowls of them in my kitchen and a big canning kettle of them sitting on the floor of the pantry. I'm simply waiting for them to ripen to a deep red before I start canning them. I've found that the flavor of the canned tomatoes is so much better if you give them the time to ripen thoroughly before canning. More stringbeans are also coming in, I'll be canning them also. I've never cared for frozen stringbeans, so they get canned.
On top of everything coming in from our garden, a cousin that has tame blackberry vines let's us pick all we want. So I now have 4 gallon-size freezer bags full of blackberries. I spread them on cookie sheets and freeze them first then put them in the bags. Doing it that way you don't get a big frozen blob of berries, you can even take some out and stick the bag back in the freezer. I also have several bags of blueberries from my Aunt's bushes that I do the same way.

So the freezer and the shelves in the pantry are starting to fill up. By September, as Summer winds down and the garden is playing out we'll be well stocked for the colder months ahead.

I have found a bit of time for sewing and hope to finish a Pumpkin Make-Do by this Sunday to list on Ebay. I know I seem to be hung up on Make-Do's but they don't take as much time as a complete doll and people seem to really like them. I still have a witch I want to get done, either for the TDIPT August 1st update or Ebay, we'll see.

So check back Sunday evening, I'll be posting a picture of the new Make-Do here. Enjoy the rest of the week.