Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tonight on Ebay...

I listed this Pumpkin Hanger based on a candy corn theme. It's part of the TDIPT Group Launch "CANDY CORN CARNIVAL". Take a few minutes and check out the listings, there are some really cute pieces.
Since I last posted things have been extremely busy. I'm canning tomatoes and stringbeans now. I finished up my pickle and the squash have slowed down quite a bit.
I also managed to finsh two new pieces for the TDIPT Mercantile update this past Friday night. I was very pleased and grateful to have sold both items the first night. I'm fortunate to have some very good customers and I'm thankful for each one. I know with the economy like it's been it's very hard to reconcile buying decorative items now. Please know that I'm very thankful for each purchase you make from me. I truly could not do what I love without such great customers.
I don't know if I'll manage to make anything for Simply Primitives this month. If I do, it has to be finished by the 10th. Most likely it will be September before I return to SP. I have lots of ideas, but my time is so limited for sewing right now. I also have a couple of special orders I need to get done.
I'll try to post again soon, til then, enjoy the hot August month, cold weather will be here before you know it!~Diane