Monday, October 5, 2009

My first Holiday/Winter design of 2009


You can find this Snowman Hanger on
Ebay until Sunday evening.


Today is the sixth anniversary of my Mom's death. In some ways it seems like yesterday and in others so very long ago. I just know that I miss her as much today as I did that terrible October morning in 2003. Her death was sudden and unexpected. I was the only other person in the room with her and remember feeling so frightened and scared but to me it is truly amazing that death can be so utterly quiet and peaceful and yes, so final.
Six years on I still feel the tremendous loss of my best friend and Mom but also realize I was fortunate to be with her in her final moments.

I debated about even mentioning the day's significance to me on my blog. But, my Mom loved helping me with my work and I think she would have really enjoyed seeing me expand my sales to the internet. Together, she and I made handmades for a couple of shops here in Virginia. I sewed, she stuffed (much better than I'll ever be able to do), I might add! If we were painting something she base-coated and I did the detail painting. We just worked perfectly together, laughing and talking as we worked. I truly miss her companionship and advice. She was a wonderful Mom and my best friend.



Dani said...

I love your work, Such a cute snowman!!!!!

I'm sorry for your lost, I know how it feels, Right now I'm watching my mother n law dying from Brain cancer. It's hard to watch her suffer as we pray that the suffering would end soon.

Your mother would be so proud of you and how far you've come with your crafting and talents and remember, as you craft, she is in you, with you, and watching you craft away with a big smile.


Heidi said...

Oh how sad! My Mom and I just did our first craft show together on Sunday. We didn't make much money but we said we had so much fun getting ready for the show because we were together. I too feel that my Mom is my best friend. I can totally sympathize with your loss. We are truly the lucky daughters of the best of the best. I love your new creation and I feel that your wonderful mom is with you. Like Dani I wish you a big hug!