Friday, May 21, 2010

flag banner and a box

I said in a previous post that I was going antiquing last Friday, I did but I didn't buy anything. I saw a small framed Santa print that I wish I had bought but walked away from. I should have known better because it's been on my mind ever since and I've come to realize if I see something and can't quit thinking about it I better go back and get it. I'm hoping to go back to that shop in a week or so, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll still be there. Since I din't buy anything "new" to share, I'm sharing a couple of pictures I recently took of things I've had for awhile, hope you enjoy seeing them.

Below is a picture of a 48 star silk banner a friend gave me several years ago, I love to get it out this time of year and display it for the upcoming patriotic holidays. Normally it sits in a vintage bobbin that has the best red paint on it but for the picture it showed better on this shelf. It looks great with these old pitchers.

The next picture is an old pine divided box that my Aunt gave me. I don't know what it was used for. I don't believe it's a kitchen piece, like you see for cutlery. It's never been painted and is kind of rough, but I love it.

I haven't done any sewing today, I'll probably get back to it tomorrow. I've been thinking about a little pumpkin head doll. I'll let you know how it goes.


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