Sunday, May 23, 2010

~coming soon~

The week of June 13th the TDIPT Ebay group will be having an Ebay launch. The theme will be ~Best in Show~. The idea is to allow each participating member to choose their own "best design" to make. This opens things up quite a bit and is sure to include quite a variety of styles. There will be primitive/folk art dolls, framed needlework, hooked pieces and wonderful wooden designs. So be sure to join us and bid on something for that special place in your home, a gift for a friend or possibly the Fall/Holiday decorating season (that will be here before you know it!).
I have a couple of ideas on what I may make but nothing final yet.

Yesterday I froze the first green peas from our garden, 5 bags of them. The gardens are looking good, yesterday we had 1&1/4 inches of rain, perfect timing for the garden. We are also enjoying small Spring onions. The potatoes are blooming, the squash, cukes, okra, corn, greenbeans, peppers,tomatoes watermelons and cantaloupes are all thriving. The pumpkins and gourds will go in later. It's going to be a busy mid and late summer of canning, freezing and pickling for me.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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