Sunday, May 9, 2010

~roses and chives~

I took this picture the other day of my chives and a pink rose blooming around the sundial. The chives are plentiful this year and are popping up all around the back walkway. I don't have the heart to pull them up so they just grow and bloom where the seeds land. I actually like this look better than a very formal "everything in it's place" look.

I'm just about finished with a sewing project I've been working on and almost have a doll finished for Ebay, look for her tomorrow or Tuesday night. I'll try to post a picture here of her also.

Wishing all of the Moms a happy Mother's Day.


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Doreen said...

I agree! This is a gorgeous photo and I too LOVE to just let things bloom where they chose!

Wishing you a beautiful day,
Doreen :)