Sunday, September 26, 2010

~finally...i'm back to my sewing

It's been a few weeks since I've updated my blog, listed on Ebay and I even missed updating my page on PFATTmarketplace for September. I went to the hospital on 9/7 for a procedure (an Ablation) on my heart, this required an overnight stay and I was to be home on the 8th. Things did not work out like they should have, the procedure went well but in the night I starting with bleeding in my leg at one of the entry sites for the catheter. For an Ablation you have to be on lots of bloodthinners so this made the bleeding pretty bad. After 5 bags of FFP (fresh frozen plasma), 4 units of blood and 3 Vitamin K shots and 6 nights in the hospital I came home on the 13th. It's been a slow process but I've regained most of my strength and my blood count is rising slowly but steadily. So, this past week I dusted off my sewing machine and I've just about finished a doll I had started before all of this happened. I hope to list her in the next day or so and I'll also have something for the PFATT update on Oct. 10th.

I'll post a picture here when I get "it" finished.

Hope you all have been well, I hope to get back to visiting my favorite blogs to see what everyone has been up to.


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sandy said...

I'm glad you're better and at home, so we can go on enjoying your beautiful work, a kisses and blessings from Argentina. sandy