Monday, October 11, 2010

~busy monday~

This week got off to a busy start. We had lots of small peppers in reds, greens and oranges, and small green tomatoes. So with some bought onions I turned it all into relish. It was enough for 12 jars, plenty for us and a few to share. I must say that a food processor makes this a breeze, in fact, it's one of the few times in a year I actually use mine.

I think the relish looks really pretty. It will taste so good this winter on beans, burgers and hotdogs. This finishes our garden for this year. It really was not a good year, it was so hot and dry during the best portion of the growing season.

Since relish making took up most of my day I haven't been able to sew any, hopefully I'll get back to it tomorrow so I can get a couple of orders done.

Til next time...


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