Sunday, October 17, 2010

~movin' on~

to Christmas designs.

Except for two orders I'm working on I'll be concentrating on things for the Holiday Season until shortly before Christmas. This Santa hanger will be my first Holiday 2010 piece listed on Ebay. I'm hoping to find time to get him listed tonight, you can click on my Ebay link at the top right to go to my auction listings.

I'm hoping to get my final two Fall orders finished and on their way this week. and then I'm going to try and make a couple of pieces for the PFATT Marketplace update on November 10th.

This has been a gorgeous Autumn weekend here in central Virginia, I've managed to make time and take my dog for a couple of long walks. We've both enjoyed ourselves, I've enjoyed the cooler weather and beautiful colors in the woods and Gypsy has enjoyed sniffing the damp leaves and smelling the tracks of deer, squirrels and other dogs. So we're both happy!

I baked some molasses spice cookies today so the house smells so good, can't wait to eat some after my dinner. Wishing you all a good Sunday evening...


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