Friday, October 8, 2010

..odds and ends..

Today has been a pretty productive one for me. Most of my strength and energy have finally returned and I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something.

I hadn't done much Fall/Halloween decorating so with a couple of pieces given to me recently by two good friends I have my piesafe looking Fallish.

The witch sign and towel are the two new pieces. The gourd Jack-O-Lantern, gourd pear and plain gourd (in the yellowware bowl) are ones I've had for sometime. I love pulling out the seasonal things I've purchased over the years and rediscovering and using them to create vignettes all around my house.

One other thing I've done today is complete a doll that was a special order. I love her Fall colors and the feathered crow she holds. Hope her new owner is as happy with her.

I've also completed and sent my update for PFATT Marketplace. My offering will be one final Harvest piece. I'm not sharing a picture of her yet, the update will be a bit later than normal, still on the 10th but coming around noon Eastern time instead of overnight. I'll post a picture of her here either tomorrow evening or Sunday morning.

With the perfect Fall weather we've been having I'm in a baking mood so today I also made a fresh apple cake. I think a slice of that after the chicken and dumpling dinner I've made will be a nice finish to a good day.

...hope you've had a happy, productive, autumn friday too....


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