Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making the Time to Enjoy the Season

Like all of you I've been very busy getting ready for Christmas. Cleaning, decorating, shopping, wrapping and baking have been my daily pursuits recently. I'm trying to get everything ready so I'm not running around like crazy up until the last minute. I'm actully doing pretty good. I've even managed to find time to make boxwood wreaths with homemade burgundy velvet bows for my doors. I love making them and have plans to make one more to hang on a mirror inside.

I made the decision to stop my sewing earlier this year to allow myself more time to do some things I love to do around the house like the wreath making and other decorating. The last few years I've worked on my sewing too close to Christmas and then would make a mad dash to try to do everything in time. Inevitably some things would not get done and I would end up so frustrated. So this year I decided to make some changes and I've really enjoyed having the time to do things without having to rush so.

I'm not through yet, there's plenty more to do but at least it's enjoyable and doesn't feel like such a burden or chore. I think that's been a problem for so many of us, trying to live up to everyone's expectations (including our own) and getting so upset when things don't fall into place like we want.

So I'm glad I made the decision to stop my sewing and take the time to enjoy the season. I'm finding it's bringing the happiness and excitement back and after all, isn't that what this season should feel like?

~Wishing you Joy in the Season~


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Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

I agree completely...I'm glad you decided to take a break but must tell you that I adore your creations!! Do you sell your patterns at all? This is my first year having two booths and I am wiped out. will be leaving one of them soon. I haven't even finished putting my tree up yet.
Have a Merry Christmas.