Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A quick note

I had so hoped to have a doll ready for Ebay Sunday or Monday but no such luck! But, I'm happy to report that I have almost finished my first snow girl of the Christmas/Winter season. She will be listed Thursday evening and I will post her picture here also. I love the way she's coming together. I'm down to her final touches, which to me is the really fun part of a doll. She will come complete with a beautiful white coat.

I'm also trying to work out the idea of a different style doll I want to make, don't know if it'll work out but we'll see.

Back to the details...



Michelle May (Shell) said...

Looking forward to seeing your new pieces.
xx, shell

Tallowberry Primitives said...

Thank you, Shell. I'm having fun with them.

Tim Reed said...

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