Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's really getting busy here now. The garden is starting to produce and I've started my annual freezing, canning and pickling. This morning, after hanging my laundry in the sun, I headed to the garden to pick stringbeans. I've frozen quite a few bags of grated squash for soups. The garden is doing okay now but it's supposed to be extremely hot this weekend (around 102) and we're in need of a good rain. Hopefully soon.

I've been to a couple of my favorite quilt shops in the last 2 weeks and found some beautiful cottons in Fall and Halloween colors. I'm working on my next doll for Ebay but it's been slow going. I'm hoping to have her ready to list this Sunday. Anyway, just wanted to let those that are interested know that there are more dolls to come, it's just going to be harder to find time to sew for the next few weeks. I also have a special order rabbit to finish.

Be patient with me and please know that I am sewing and there will be many dolls to come.


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