Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New on Ebay tonight.

Here's my new listing...Sarah, the Pilgrim Girl. She'll run until next Tuesday night, Sept. 3oth. Hope you get a chance to take a look at her.

Her link: Primitive Thanksgiving Doll/Hanger w/Pumpkin/Pear~TDIPT

Now it's on to the Mercantile, there always seems to be a deadline! And, as if I didn't already have enough I've joined another online market, The Primitive Gathering. It's a wonderful group of primitive Artists, many of whom I know you'll recognize and I'm very flattered to be accepted into the group. I'll be debuting there on October the 15th. I decided to join because Ebay is so unpredictable at times. I hope you'll follow along and join me in this new venture. Of course, I'll let you know all about it here first.

Now, I need to get to bed, til next time....



Pea said...

Love your dolly! I know what you mean by deadlines. There always seems to be too many. Also know what you mean by ebay being iffy as well. Wonderful I am sure you will do on A primitive gathering. Best wishes to you for this venture in your art.

~Tonya said...

Sarah is so pretty Diane. I need to make some Harvet things too...but they always seem to be far and few.

I wish you much luck on the new website. I use to belong to that group. Great bunch of gals.

And yes, eba is very unpredictable. You have a great day. I wish you a ton of bids on Sarah.